• PGR Mission & Values

    To give a voice to the Unheard Youths, and be a community of Support & Hope through creating a presence in society.

    • Empathise
    • Empower
    • Enable

    We live by the saying “The power of healing yourself is through the act of helping others.”

    PGR is dedicated to empowering youths to discuss struggles and mental health,
    by growing a community who understands,
    and disrupting social norms,
    so we can make support simple, real, human and sustainable.

Our 3 Core Values Drives our 3 Key Approaches

Core Values


Key Approaches

  • Community Building
  • Empowerment
  • Advocacy & Education

Community Building

  • Creating a circle of healing through peer support from people who have been there, done that and found coping mechanisms and recovery
  • Building up and engaging with a network of organisations, policymakers and key opinion leaders to foster positive dialogue on mental health


  • Fighting against stigma, putting the choice in the hands of the Unheard
  • Helping others find their ‘voice’, thereby increasing their confidence, building their strength and helping them take back control

Advocacy & Education

  • Representing the Unheard to speak on mental health to drive positive change
  • Through making it real to more people, we help them understand what mental health really entails
  • Providing practical, sustainable support

The PGR Circle

Our strategy is to create initiatives based on the simple idea that we can proactively achieve our mission through two ways:

outreach programmes and providing outlets for expression. 

Each then feeds into the other to create sustainable progress, and are underpinned by our core values.

As time goes on, each initiative may also generate outputs that feed other initiatives and the lines between each initiative,

or between outreach and outlet, may blur.

Our Initiatives

PGR’s organisational chart is circular.

At the heart of the PGR team are the co-founders, Ling and Iskandar. They are guided by PGR values, and radiate their passion, vision and ideas outwards to the various parts of the team.

Their strategies are formulated with a circle of directors, in consultation with board members.

This is cascaded outwards to full-time staff and volunteers as well as project team volunteers, who then take further action to bring the vision to fruition.

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Get Help:
If you struggle with thoughts of self-harm or suicide and are unable to keep yourself safe, please
call 24-hour hotline Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) 1800
221 4444, get in touch with your doctor, or the nearest hospital.

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