Mental Health Volunteers Alumni Association

The Mental Health Volunteers Alumni Association was officially set up in 2020 in Singapore.


Our mission is to promote lifelong relationships and meaningful conversations, to support and sustain the objectives of Volunteerism and to serve as an advocate for Mental Health. We strive to bring meaningful activities and programs to the Alumni Community. 


We keep our volunteers and community closely connected through networking opportunities, professional development resources, programs, volunteer opportunities and more. 

You may no longer be a volunteer, but Project Green Ribbon will always be here for you.
Remember, Project Green Ribbon’s alumni community is your community.

Year 2021

Gillian Peck

Director Community And Partnerships

Serene Lim

Marketing and Social Media Head

nicole mathiaz

Nicole Mathiaz

Corporate and Community Lead

Harald Lang

Harald Lang

Lived Experience Specialist

Year 2020

Charlene Aeryn

Charlene, in recovery, is focused on bringing more attention to mental health awareness and wellness. Her mission is to help others understand better how mental conditions are not easily seen on one’s face, and how mental conditions may impact someone’s day to day activities, but ultimately does not define a person.

Alfred Tay

Often times than not, we find ourselves too under-equipped for the missions or dungeon. Alfred believes that nobody should be alone in their battles towards good health. He spends his free time writing free-lance as well as streaming on Twitch, where he tries to create a safe space for the community to share their problems. He does this all while working full time as a content creator at a local marketing firm.

Egan Hwan

With a background in global charities such as WWF and Save The Children, Egan is focused on social development and sustainability. Formerly a humanitarian for seven years, Egan was dedicated to setting up counselling platforms to provide psychosocial aid for affected communities in the U.S, Haiti, Philippines, Nepal, and Bangladesh. He is now with WWF in their Global Partnerships team. 

Chris Yee

Employees are human beings, not just functionaries. Companies recognise that mental health in the workplace is a thing, yet when push comes to shove, employees’ mental health management is seldom used as a stratagem in the delivery of work.

Chris is a creative thinker with 20 years of experience leading creative teams and successful regional launches. He is now an advocate for improving mental health in the workplace to make the workplace, be it virtual or physical, a more empathetic environment.

Janice Ong

The meaning of life is life itself and everything that constitutes life. What’s life when you are alone? What’s life when you know you are not alone? After an encounter with a friend who has a mental condition, Janice dedicated herself to helping those who feel alone. Being a volunteer of a religious society for 3 years, Janice believes in giving and is focused on improving the lives of others. Janice has also been handling Sales and Marketing for 15 years in the Consumer Health Care industry.

Siti Zahidah

Zahidah believes in giving people an opportunity to seek help and recovery. She hopes to provide
encouragement to everyone who is on their journey. Everyone needs motivation, support, encouragement and a feeling of self-worth.
As a nurse for the past 10 years, Zahidah assumed that she would have been able to advise herself. Yet, it was only when she suffered from her own mental health experiences did she realise that it was not the same. We can choose to be our own best friend or worst enemy.

Zahidah aims to spread awareness and stop the stigma on mental health and provide support to everyone out there. You are not alone!

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