Leap into Recovery

Recovery means making small leaps in a new direction. Some days are dark, but the only way to move towards recovery, is to step into the sun.


C2C – Leaving Fear Behind

Making A Difficult Decision Sarah has a daughter, Grace, who suffers from schizophrenia. The first sign of this condition was in 2000, when Grace experienced a severe breakdown while studying in Australia. Being away from home, Grace could not get support from her family. As a result, Sarah made the difficult decision to go and … Read more

c2c programme

C2C Programme . Learning To Love Again

Gwen (not her real name) is a caregiver to a mother with dementia and a sister with schizophrenia. She has had over 30 years of experience caring for her sister and researching how to help her through the internet and books. Gwen attended CAL’s C2C (Caregiver-to-Caregiver Training Programme) expecting to gain more knowledge about caregiving … Read more

Produce More, Stress Less

In 2018, I had been living with anxiety for nine years, which compounded with workplace stress had affected my wellbeing, growth, and productivity. I spent years working on myself, on medications and practiced every method possible to be free of my anxiety. Through the years I experienced many different types of fears from fear of … Read more

The Pressure To Be Everything But Myself

I still remember like it was yesterday. Days, weeks and even months of praying to my maker for the most opportune time for life to leave my body. I’d spent all my adolescence feeling so lost and broken. The expectations and burdens of my African American ancestors were placed upon my shoulders like a badge … Read more

We can all learn something from talking about mental health

Some of the most unexpected conversations I’ve had about mental health have been the most powerful ones. In my experience, talking to an acquaintance, or even a stranger, can have a big impact on your mindset. It’s in those moments when you’re chatting away to someone who you don’t know that well, that you’re occasionally … Read more

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