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Government Therapy Directory provides resources for individuals or family members seeking to help themselves or their family members who may be facing Mental Health conditions or life challenges.

If you do not know where to start in your journey towards healing, start by going through the Government Therapy Directory resources below for a comprehensive list of the help available and provided by Government Organisations.

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Government Therapy Directory

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Thank You Letter to Myself

Self-love and feeling comfortable in my own skin seems hard to achieve. I wrote a letter to myself to remind myself that I am whole and complete, deserving of love, and capable of change.

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Leap into Recovery

Recovery means making small leaps in a new direction. Some days are dark, but the only way to move towards recovery, is to step into the sun.

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Xiu Wen’s Experience

I started showing signs of depression back when I was about 16.

Back then, when resources on mental health were scarce, it didn’t really cross my mind that I was suffering from depression. I just felt ill and different from others.

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