What is The Green Hearth

A safe community home to provide respite for the unheard/distress/persons in crisis or anyone in need.

The Green Hearth

We put youths at the heart of our initiatives:

– Those aged 13 – 25 years old

Persons in crisis and their families

Homeless, underprivileged, troubled, neglected and marginalised individuals

“1 in 5 youths in Singapore would have experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime”

A home is not just a physical structure, but a safe and welcoming space where we can relax, feel loved, and build strong relationships with our family. A sense of security in our homes is important as it allows us to feel protected from the outside world. Ultimately, a home should be a place where we can be ourselves and surrounded by people and things that bring us comfort and joy.

(Ling and Iskandar)

A message of HOPE.

When a youth faces adversities and threats to their security and well-being where can they go?

Project Green Ribbon (PGR) aims to be a home away from home and an extended family with all hands on deck for these youths , providing them with what they need most in their time of need – SECURITY , RESPITE and TRUST.

Human Intervention

Project Green Ribbon offers crucial community, emotional, and safety support to youth and individuals in crisis. This support can significantly impact those facing various challenges by providing a sense of belonging, emotional processing, and a safe environment. PGR‘s presence brings hope and resources to those in need, making a positive impact on many lives.

Temporary Community Homes / Placements

Project Green Ribbon will offer a sustainable solution by providing a temporary shelter for individuals in crisis who require emergency care and safety. This 72-hour temporary space will give them an opportunity to reflect, while case workers and agencies work to formulate a long-term solution, and they can continue to be part of PGR’s Network of Care Program.

Continued Empowerment Support through Network Of Care Program (NOC)

Network Of Care (NOC) provides holistic training, guidance, and support to empower youths to take charge of their lives, reframe their mindsets, and make informed choices. Anchored by peer support and positive experiences, NOC offers a sense of community and belonging that can benefit youths in their personal growth and development.

Nurturing Through Mentorship and Hope

Helping young people to build foundations for future growth and independence

Initial Phase – Reference from Family Service Centre , Schools , Other Social Service Agencies and walk-ins (on a case to case basis).

A Youth In Distress

It is important to approach each young person with sensitivity and empathy, understanding that they may be experiencing a range of emotions and traumas. Creating a safe and welcoming environment is essential, where they can feel heard and supported. Here at Project Green Ribbon ,a thorough intake process is necessary to assess their needs, including medical, emotional, and social support. By providing a safe and nurturing environment, youth in distress can begin to heal and rebuild their lives.

Commitment to Recovery , Change and Healing Journey

Journeying with the Youths

Commitment to recovery, change, and healing is a powerful journey that requires dedication and perseverance. It involves making a conscious decision to address the issues that have led to the need for healing and change. The journey towards recovery requires an honest and introspective look at oneself and a willingness to make positive changes. It involves a commitment to self-care, developing new coping skills, and building a support system. The journey towards healing is not always easy, and setbacks are inevitable, but with commitment and determination, one can overcome them. It is a journey that requires patience and compassion, but ultimately it can lead to a life filled with hope, joy, and fulfillment.

Continual Support and Intergration

Mentee turned Mentor

Continual support and integration for youth after a program is essential for their successful transition into adulthood. A program can provide valuable resources and skills, but ongoing support is crucial for long-term success. Continual support can come in various forms, such as follow-up meetings, mentorship programs, or access to counseling services. It is important to understand that the journey towards recovery and personal growth is ongoing and that setbacks can occur. Therefore, it is vital to have a support system in place that can provide encouragement and guidance during challenging times. Integration into the community is also essential, as it can provide opportunities for socialization and a sense of belonging. Community programs and events can help facilitate this integration and provide youth with a sense of purpose and connection. By providing ongoing support and integration opportunities, we can empower youth to become healthy, productive, and fulfilled members of society.

Breakthrough , Stories Of Hope

I always thought that i was independent and didn’t need any form of extra support.

TT , 22 years old undergraduate.

As someone who joined the Network of Care (NOC) program, I initially thought I could handle everything on my own and didn’t need extra support. However, after a few sessions, I realized how wrong I was. The program provided me with a safe and welcoming environment to open up and connect with other participants. We bonded over shared meals and conversations, and I found comfort in knowing I had a community to turn to if I ever needed it. It was amazing to have friends I could trust and share my life with without any fear of judgment. NOC taught me the power of community-building and the importance of support in one’s journey towards personal growth.

I now prioritize self-care and has stopped seeking validation

JB , 14 years old secondary student.

Since attending, I have made incredible progress in my emotional well-being and personal growth. NOC has helped me understand and manage my emotions better, resulting in a more stable mood and increased happiness. My relationship with my father has also improved significantly, learning to work together on understanding our love languages. I have gained valuable life skills and taken up new hobbies, giving me a sense of purpose and direction. Most importantly, I now prioritize self-care and has stopped seeking validation from boys. As a result, I have made friends at school and my passion for learning has flourished. These sessions have truly been life-changing for me, and I am grateful for the positive impact it has had on my life.”

we formed a tight-knit group and enjoyed spending time together

JY , 21 years old graduate

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow as a person. Though my mentee was initially quiet and reserved, we were able to break the ice and develop a close bond over time. It was a privilege to be there for her and support her through her challenges. Through our interactions with the other youths, we formed a tight-knit group and enjoyed spending time together, whether it was cooking, having conversations, or simply sharing a meal. I am also grateful to Ling and Iskandar for creating a warm and welcoming environment in their home for us. The NOC program has been a truly enriching experience for me.

After being a mentor to a youth in the NOC program, I not only gained valuable skills in communication and leadership but also grew as a person as I learned to be more empathetic and understanding towards others.

I felt at home at a place where i knew i would be able to get help when and if i needed it.

YH , 19 years old undergraduate

I had a pleasant experience with (PGR).
On my first day, I was rather uneasy as I did
not expect to be showing up at a house instead of a facility. My next few visits helped me get more comfortable with their home, especially since Ling and Iskandar would always be ready to welcome me in.

The weekly visits were no longer as daunting because I started to get to know the people there better. I managed to befriend other youths under the Network of Care (NOC) programme and coming to have conversations about both difficult and everyday things in our life made it more meaningful. I also enjoyed their company when we had lunch, where we would sit down and eat together. Sometimes, we would cook, play games, or simply do work together. Their cats also helped me look forward to coming over every week.

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