Ling Anne Hsieh and Iskandar Mahadi

Ling and Iskandar, founders of Project Green Ribbon, have opened their home to youths in crisis and in need of a safe and supportive environment. Having personally overcome their own mental health struggles, they strongly believe in the healing power of a nurturing home. Their commitment to providing a haven for people is grounded in their own experiences and is at the heart of their mission to support those in need through their purpose-driven organization.

In Loving Memory

Ling Anne Hsieh’s family has a rich tradition of altruism and compassion towards those in need. Her great grandfather, Chia Yew Kay, was a pioneering figure in Singapore who offered his body for medical research and was known for his unwavering commitment to supporting and mentoring others. This legacy of giving and guidance has been passed down through the generations, and Ling and Iskandar are carrying on this tradition through their work with youths in crisis at Project Green Ribbon. Despite never having met her great grandfather, Ling learned of his remarkable deeds later in life and continues to honor his legacy through her own acts of kindness and service. Although Ling never had the opportunity to meet her great grandfather, she was raised by her great grandmother until the age of 8, who also embodied this tradition and passed away a week before her 70th birthday.

The Journey


Institute Of Mental Health (IMH)

Together, we made the brave decision to start over and seek help, despite being unsure of the specific type of assistance we required. We knew we were struggling and in need of support, so we began our therapy journey together. For Iskandar, it was his first time seeking therapy. However, for Ling, therapy was not new to her, as she had been undergoing various forms of counseling and therapy since she was nine years old due to trauma.



During that time, Iskandar made the difficult decision to leave his high-paying job, prioritizing his and Ling’s mental health. However, this choice came at a cost, as we became homeless and jobless, and both Iskandar and Ling were certified medically unfit for work. Despite the challenging circumstances, they stuck together, counting the few coins they had and sharing a cup of noodles. Even though their stomachs rumbled, they kept a brave face and prayed for a brighter future. These memories are etched into our hearts, reminding us of the resilience and strength we possess together.


Pastor Don , Glenn Lim

Despite being homeless with an 8-month-old baby, Ling and her family were fortunate to have met some kind-hearted people along the way. One of them was Glenn Lim, a former convict who visited the girls’ home where Ling was staying to give a talk. Today, he is a psychologist, pastor, and motivational speaker. Ling shared her situation with him, and he introduced her family to Pastor Don Wong, the Executive Director of The New Charis Mission. Pastor Wong, who co-founded The HighPoint Halfway House in 1996, generously provided them with a shelter and a room for themselves and their baby boy. Ling and her family were grateful for the kindness and support they received from these compassionate individuals during their difficult times.


Kenneth and Adeline Thong

Ling and her family were grateful to have met Kenneth and Adeline, a compassionate couple who not only helped clean and paint their interim home, but also provided them with groceries and basic necessities such as a fridge and washing machine. The couple also arranged for others to send food daily, and their support was a source of hope and encouragement for Ling and her family during their difficult times. It was later discovered that Kenneth and Adeline had been providing homes for those in need, making their kindness even more remarkable.


Andrew and Grace Home

Ling had a deep connection to the Andrew and Grace Home, where she used to live. The founders, Pastor Andrew Choo (Ah Pa) and Mummy Grace Choo, had created a faith-based home that provided love and support to many girls in need. Ling had always dreamed of returning to work at the home, and when she visited, she was offered a job. Though hesitant at first, Ling accepted, and Iskandar volunteered there for three months as well before comitting to a full time position. The couple found purpose and fulfillment in being able to give back to a place that had played a significant role in Ling’s life.


Support Through Live Stream – Twitch

Ling and Iskandar, having hit rock bottom again after going through therapy and living on government assistance, wanted to find a way out of their desperate situation. They were inspired to start a project after realizing that many people’s stories go unheard and they suffer in pain. Ling discovered the platform Twitch, where she began streaming and formed genuine friendships with people from all over the world. She was encouraged by her viewers to do more, which led to her starting her next journey.


1 Dollar Start-Up

Despite facing significant resource limitations, Iskandar worked tirelessly for at least 12 hours a day to provide for his family of five, while Ling dedicated herself to building Project Green Ribbon. With no support network or resources to turn to, they relied on Google and YouTube as their primary sources of information. Despite enduring many sleepless nights and shed tears, they held onto hope. Living hand-to-mouth financially, they persevered and eventually managed to save up enough funds to register Project Green Ribbon as a Pte Ltd. They opted for this option as it was more cost-effective than forming a company limited by guarantee.

2020 – Present

Present Day Project Green Ribbon – CLG

As their learning journey progressed, Iskandar and Ling came to the realization that transforming Project Green Ribbon into a non-profit organization would be the best direction to take. In the early stages, Iskandar continued to work as a delivery provider and freelance web designer to support his family of five and the needs of the organization. With their hard work and determination, they began to gain traction, and many people stepped forward to offer their assistance. One person, in particular, Mr. K, stood out. He believed in them and gave them hope by providing the necessary resources to convert Project Green Ribbon into a CLG.

Iskandar and Ling’s journey was rife with challenges that seemed straight out of a drama. They encountered skepticism, mockery, betrayal, and indifference, but they never lost hope. Amidst all the negativity, they met some kind and supportive individuals who believed in them. They feel grateful to those who offered them love, hope, trust, and kindness, which not only helped them overcome their difficulties but also gave them a sense of purpose. They treasure these positive experiences and cannot express their gratitude enough. They are also thankful to the many others who have contributed to their lives, reinforcing their belief in their mission to create a home filled with love and positive experiences for those like them.

Iskandar aims to share his story of alcohol addiction and dealing with seven disorders, while Ling is currently writing a memoir that she hopes to release in a few years.

Focus on making each day count as we only have one life.

Ling and Iskandar
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