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Our Speakers consists of people from diverse backgrounds and professions. If you are keen to be listed as one of the speakers on our website, please get in touch with us. 

Dr Jasmine Badge , Singapore

I am a firm believer of the idea that people, no matter what their diagnosis is, they can be helped (treated) to live a fulfilling life through psychotherapy. The act of listening is a gift we can always offer another soul sharing our path. My role with those I worked with was so intimate, as they revealed who they were, what happened, and who they are now. In every instance, what had been a downward spiraling life became an example of miraculous survival, offering proof to others that nothing has to defeat us.

With more than 12  years of experience in trauma, relationships, child development, and psychology as a psychotherapist, speaker, and authenticity coach … My cognitive model facilitates long-term changes in the brain and nervous system, helping clients break through unconscious barriers and rediscover a sense of self-worth, belonging, and connection.

Michael Teoh , Malaysia

During the Covid-19 Outbreak, when most corporate trainings were stopped, Michael led his company, Thriving Talents, to pivot from their usual corporate consulting, team-building & employee training practices. Instead, his company worked with SMEs on helping their sales teams ‘Market & Sell’ better and boost the performance of work-from-home staff. Thriving Talents helped 150 SMEs & Companies to generate 5- to 6- figure revenues within the month that the Movement Control Order was called. Additionally Thriving Talents taught thousands of remote staff in Malaysia, India, Singapore, Australia & the USA on ‘Mental Health & Productivity’ matters, especially targeted at industries heavily affected by COVID-19.

As such, Michael has been featured as a Key Opinion Leader by various newspapers like The Star, SME Magazine and more, on topics related to sales performance, people productivity and business sustainability during this Pandemic. He was also listed as the No.1 Entry for the “Top 100 People You Should Follow On LinkedIn” in Malaysia for 2020 by Marketing In Asia magazine. Prior to the pandemic, Michael was recognised by The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) as Malaysia’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Companies Valued Up to RM 25 Mil, last February.

Mohamed Ismail , Singapore

Ismail is a professional counselling practitioner and psychotherapist. He has more than 15 years of experience working in a nursing home, hospital, social services, destitute institution, halfway house, and prison.

He enthusiastically advocates for serving and helping individuals with mental health, substance dependency issues, and dual diagnosis

“I was fortunate to have the opportunity for more than a decade (15 years) of working with over 1,500 individuals and families with incarceration issues and a person with a mental health condition. In the process of listening, learning, asking, and strong intuition of how people feel, I realised there are two important things we want, to be free of adversity and to be happy.”

He discovered solid tripartite with eclecticism: mindfulness, coaching, and positive psychology. Ismail believes that to be an effective helper in serving people, one must possess genuine authenticity and sincerity.

Sakthivel Thevar is a highly sought-after international speaker and Maximum Performance coach within the business and corporate circle starting his career in the
most challenging way possible, as a military officer and Airborne Ranger in the Singapore Armed Forces.

As an international speaker and Success coach he has spoken at numerous overseas conventions and Financial Institutions on, Achieving Maximum Performance, Creating Visibility Around Personal Brand, Rise Above Mediocrity and Transformational Leadership.

He also hosts ‘Bettery Hub Channel’ and Podcasts, engaging and interviewing business owners and industry experts as he continues his passion for training and public speaking, having done numerous trainings and speaking engagements with Marketing Institute of Singapore, PSB Academy, Zurich Insurance Malaysia, Takaful Malaysia, Great Eastern Life Singapore, Mendaki Sense, Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) and Singapore Armed Forces making an impact to thousands of his audience.

As the CEO of Bettery Lab, Sakthi is the mastermind who strategizes, and seeks out the ‘blue ocean’ while establishing business partnerships within and out of Singapore.

Tyler Chin , Malaysia

Tyler is the Founder of Transform Cultures – the startup on a mission to educate companies to hire more accurately through the effective use of open conversation and empathy in the interview process. It’s the same method that accelerated his career in recruitment, and his goal is to help companies that champion healthy working environments secure the best modern talent.

Since the launch in 2020, Tyler has been featured on MixFM, The Malaysian Insight and LinkedIn News Asia for his views on recruitment and career development in modern times, and has been a speaker with Co-Labs Coworking, MDEC’s My Digital Maker Fair 2020, and will be among the youngest to be featured in the 3rd Edition of Successful People in Malaysia 2021.

Zanthe Ng , Singapore

Zanthe is the Principal Counsellor and Founder of One Empty Chair (OEC).

Being a professional counsellor for more than 8 years, Zanthe works with clients from diverse backgrounds and across various age groups. Her areas of specialisation include stress and anxiety management, trauma, depression, relationship issues, and managing suicidal and self-harm behaviour. She has conducted many talks, webinars and trainings relating to mental wellness for organisations in public and private sectors. Zanthe believes that all individuals have the intrinsic strength to overcome challenges and that no one should journey alone during tough times.

Alrick Dorrett , Singapore

Alrick has been in the advertising industry for the last 25 years. A CPA by trade, he is currently the COO of TBWA Singapore and Malaysia, and the Chief Pricing Officer for TBWA Asia. Alrick has been part of the transformation team and operationalising those outcomes with the companies that he has worked for. His interest lies in incorporating technology into businesses, B2B pricing, and coaching and mentoring start-ups and troubled businesses. Alrick is also Co-founder of The Brilliant Foundation.

Alvin Chin , Malaysia

For someone who grew up pretty much alone his whole life, Alvin became adept at “sucking it up” and internalising every aspect of his emotions. He had thought that this was a strength, what some people might even call resilience, by getting up every morning and getting through each day without showing any problems or scars. Alvin realised much later on, in work, life, family and relationships, that keeping your problems to yourself is a recipe for disaster. By not talking about it, he essentially rejected all the help he could have asked for. And he wishes he knew this all those years ago.

Life is a team game and we can all be better when we help each other get back up on our feet. The positivity in someone’s life does not mean every single thing is going well; it is someone who feels they have the right support and ingredients to battle and overcome the challenges along the way. The first step is sharing and we can all be richer learning from one another’s life.

Alvin wants to share them with others, not to ask them to lift any burdens but to help them see through his lens – his journey and struggles from being a quiet kid, (possibly in the bottom 1% in terms of expressiveness!), to being a father of two wonderful children, running a tech company where everyone is considered family and learning that there is always someone out there who has been through what you have, who you could learn from.

Shanyl Lim , Singapore

Growing up in a typical Asian family and being the eldest child, Shanyl was brought up with the mindset that “You must be strong!”. Showing vulnerabilities or weakness was not condoned or accepted. Upon entering the working world, she has experienced symptoms of burn-out several times during her career.

Hence, Shanyl is a strong advocate for mental wellbeing at the workplace and normalising therapy. She has recently completed her Certificate in Basics of Practical Counselling.

Shanyl holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Nanyang Technological University. Outside of work, she spends her time volunteering with kids and exploring nature.

Ling Anne Hsieh , Singapore

Ling has developed a strong passion for mental and social work due to her personal struggles in life. On her journey, she realised that people regardless of their backgrounds suffer from their Mental Health.

She previously served in a Girls Home for the disadvantaged. She is a Certified Counsellor, CBT Practitioner, Life Coach and Protection and Rehabilitation Specialist (Family and Youth).

Project Green Ribbon a ground-up Initiative and it is her vision to ensure that others get the help that she did not get. Ling aims to allow the unheard to be heard, and the isolated to know “you are not alone”

Ling strongly believes in “The power of healing yourself through the act of helping others.” and lives by the mantra “Charity Begins From Home”.

Larson Ong , Singapore

As the co-founder of award-winning creative agency, Visual Studio, Larson lives by his mantra “Think Big Win the World”. True to his mantra, Larson and his partner founded the firm in 2006 and hit SGD 1 Million within its first financial year.

A marketer by trade, Larson is also a certified digital strategist, registered management consultant, experienced adult educator, and corporate trainer. He is also currently the Management Consultant with Project Green Ribbon.

Laszlo Pal Danyi

Laszlo Pal Danyi , Hungary

Laszlo is a versatile person with an open mind and a global citizen spirit who is capable of thinking with the mind of many walks of life. His ambition is to build relationships, to create harmony with diversity and to turn this emerged strength into common aspirations – for an
uplifting, joyful, yet important mission. Being reliable with empathy and patience, as well as providing high quality of trust is one of his highest standards and the hallmark of his personality. Laszlo aims to make progres, always!

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