Survivors' Stories

Every voice matters. A powerful story can encourage others and even inspire a spirit of courage. 

For Suicide Awareness Month, PGR aims to spread awareness of the pain behind suicide, and to bring awareness to the cause of mental health within the Singaporean community.

Share your Survivor Story with us

We welcome all stories about your own struggles, how you are coping with them, and any breakthroughs you made.

You are not alone. Let others know they aren’t either.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Any mental health topic is welcome. The fact that you are still here already makes you a survivor. Here are some prompts and examples:
    1. What are you or were you struggling from? How was your road to recovery?
    2. How to get help, experiences with medication, therapy etc
    3. Self-care, practical tips
    4. Relationships with family, friends, classmates, colleagues
    5. Anything else that reflects your journey with mental health
  2. Please provide a title.
  3. Kindly keep your article to 500 – 800 words.
  4. Please include a 50-word bio of yourself along with your submission. (If you’d like to use a pseudonym, let us know!
  5. You must own the copyright of the article and/or images your submit, or have written permission for their use.


By submitting your story, you agree to have your work shared publicly and on our social media platforms. However, you are entitled to the copyright of your story.

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Get Help:
If you struggle with thoughts of self-harm or suicide and are unable to keep yourself safe, please
call 24-hour hotline Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) 1800
221 4444, get in touch with your doctor, or the nearest hospital.

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