Every Single Time

We have been inseparable since birth
The one month and 11 days apart merely a moment in a waiting line
We run to each other every single time
Every single time
Chubby hands toddling away

We grow into our own lives
Two flowers blooming in next door neighbour plots
Not quite the same every single time
Every single time
A graceful dance and sway

We struggle on the path to adulthood
You hide beside me when social settings beckon
I’ll introduce you every single time
Every single time
Until you’re no longer afraid

We are polar opposites sliding on a balance
You laugh when I’m loud and drawing attention
They’ll look at me funny every single time
Every single time
You’ll be safe in my shade

We give and take where the other needs
You need me to speak for you to be heard
I’ll order for you every single time
Every single time
No matter how simple the task

We are two sides of the same coin
Your eyes are filled with anxious worry
I’m right beside you every single time
Every single time
You don’t have to ask

Rachel Loy

Rachel Loy

Rachel believes that communication is the most important part of any relationship. She loves reading romantic adventures and uses poetry as an outlet for her thoughts and emotions.

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