Inside the Head of an Introvert

Introvert: What does it mean?

When presented with the word “introvert”, words like “shy” and “anti-social” often come to mind.

However, contrary to popular belief, introverts are not necessarily shy and anti-social individuals. Though shy people can also be introverted, these terms have almost nothing to do with each other.

To put it in simpler terms, similar to extroverts, introverts can be loud and they also love spending time with their loved ones. However, they do so for a shorter time and would still prefer to spend some time alone at the end of the day to recharge their batteries. 

You can almost say that introverts are extroverts trapped within a protective shell of introversion.

Throughout my whole life, it was difficult to come to terms with the fact that I am an introvert myself, purely because introverts are usually undervalued and misunderstood. 

For instance, most institutions, from schools to workplaces, are geared towards extroverts. It is not uncommon to see phrases like “outgoing individual” and “upbeat, people person” in job advert descriptions.

Society's impact on an introvert

My mind still saves the little memories of all the things I have been told in the past for simply being… myself.

I still remember my English teacher in elementary school alerting my parents to my lack of participation during his classes. My parents were so concerned.

I still remember feeling the need to constantly put up a smile, just to remind others that I am indeed, just like one of them.

I still remember the kid in my class who told me that we had not spoken for more than 50 words that academic year. Although, I knew she was so wrong since that conversation that we just had already exceeded 50 words.

I have spent a large part of my life pretending to be this "extroverted and outgoing person", hoping to be accepted by our society. But everything just feels so forced.

I cannot believe I have only come to realise in my 20s that I really do not have to try so hard to be someone else. It is fine to just be MYSELF.

Introvert and PROUD

This is a reminder that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being a calmer and quieter person.

In fact, our personality, as introverts, does bring about various benefits to our lives since we often think before we speak and tend to make fewer impulsive decisions. So, please do not be swayed to become someone that is not yourself. Learn to embrace your true self and own who you are!

Also, the next time anyone else wants to ask an introvert “Why are you being so quiet? Can you speak up more?” know that introverts can be super loud around people that they are comfortable with, but maybe you are just not one of them!

Picture of Serene Lim

Serene Lim

Serene loves connecting with others and enjoys learning new things. She's driven by her thirst for knowledge, opportunities, and challenges.

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