Thank You Letter to Myself

Self-love and feeling comfortable in my own skin seems hard to achieve. I wrote a letter to myself to remind myself that I am whole and complete, deserving of love, and capable of change.

Filled to Fill

In a world where women are expected to be givers and providers, there is no way for her to fill another’s cup unless hers is filled first.

A Mother's Plea

A Mother’s Plea

Being a Mother is a 24-hour job that pays in love and lessons learnt. Parenting is hard work, more so if you’re suffering emotionally and mentally. Yet, nothing can buy a parent’s love for their children.


Regardless of race, language, or religion. Singapore still has a long way to go to truly embody this pledge. Yet, if we could all be a little more open and accepting, perhaps we could be one step closer.

Make Noise

‘Make noise’ is best understood as a Singaporean way of complaining. Yet, it is by using the platforms we have to make noise for our minority friends that we amplify their voices to be heard.

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